• Ragamuffin shop
  • Geoffrey Kiltmakers
  • Christmas all year round shop
  • The Fudgehouse, Canongate.
  • Bagpipes Galore, Canongate.

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh – 4

May 28, 2011

Apart from all the interesting historic things to see in The Royal Mile there are also pleanty of shops of all varieties. Because the area around here is not only for tourism and there are many local residents leading daily lives, you can find normal newsagents, chemists and mini supermarkets. I am not going to add photos of these and just let you see the more specialist outlets. I have to say that up close to the castle is an appalling selection of naff people and shops. Sorry about that !! Every great tourist place in the world has to suffer such uglinesses !

Wherever you are from in the world you can probably get news from home at the shop I have shown here. It is towards the castle if you need it.Other countries news looks so much more interesting than ours !! Especially of it is in an unknown language.

Across the street from the newsagent is a quirky antique shop and in its window this week was a compendium/container of doctor’s essential unguents from another time. No wonder the people from that time are all dead !!

The smiling guy’s hat just caught my eye (a knitter’s sickness ! ) as he worked at attracting passing customers to his tented street stall for inexpensive wee bits of jewellery and decorative ‘stuff’. There is a group of these wee stalls just beside the City Chambers.Often in this area can be found many street entertainers. Fire Eaters, Stilt Walkers, Bubble Blowers and many other mediaeval wonderfulnesses.

Ragamuffin shop is close to The World’s End pub and has a wonderful selection of clever novel clothing items in a wonderful array of natural colours and patterns. It has been in this spot for several years and I have always liked it looking in the windows.

I loved the tower of teapots in this little antique shop in the street which runs between Ragamuffin and The World’s End. The last time I went in it  was tended by a not so young lady with plenty of valuable knowledge about Scots antiques and bric a brac.

GEOFFREY TAILORS seems to be a true supplier of honest kilts and accessories rather than some cheaply woven and trashily constructed crap. If you need quality wares go here.

I dislike these tartan nightmare shops full of crap scottishnesses. They are an insult to my country. I have included this photo to acknowledge they exist and to show how interesting the building is that surrounds it !! I love all these windows.

Of all the oddball shops you might find, this Christmas shop has to take the biscuit !  It can be a bit of a shock to wander down the Royal Mile in July and see this !! Sometimes they are selling cute things at discount prices.

For no good diet reasons you need to go in and be tempted to sugar yourself to high heaven with these traditional Scottish deights. As a kid i loved when my Mum made these –  both Fudge and Tablet. Yum !! Not too good for the size of the stomach.

My final choice is more traditional and to be expected here next to the Scottish parliament. A Bagpipe shop. I know nothing about this instrument except that ii can be heart stirring outdoors but ear rending indoors !! Lol !