• wallace aged about two
  • wallace at a fancy dress dinner at art school
  • With Moira Farquharson in Hawick Theatre Group
  • With Muriel Tate in Pringle Design Office
  • Wallace aat Edy
  • wallace in an Italian vineyard
  • wallace with his great grandfather , a violin maker
  • Wallace photographed for I-ON Edinburgh magazine E

wallace – the seven ages of….

I was born in Glasgow, the other major city in Scotland. My mother made sure my sister and I were shown various ways of being. I went to Highland dance lessons – well, lesson, singular – as it was not my dream way of passing time at the age of six!! She also sent us for piano lessons and singing lessons. My thrill came when she sent me to children’s classes at The Royal Scottish Academy of Speech and Drama. I was in seventh if not eighth heaven there!! All the while we were taken to the theatre, to galleries, to choral concerts and generally shown the creative sides to LIFE!! My father and mother both took us for holidays to their beloved countryside and taught us many things a normal city kid would never know.

When I finished my secondary school education, I went to the wonderful Charles Rennie Macintosh’s  Glasgow School of Art where I graduated in furniture and interior design.

However, my fates sent me on another path, –   designing sweaters – and cashmere sweaters at that. I eventually became Design Director of the celebrated cashmere company Pringle of Scotland. After that,I was asked to move to their New York offices where I became “the man who knew about aesthetics for designing knitwear”.            I started traveling to South America and the Orient – Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and China where the clothing industry was growing in skill and importance. At one point, I was head hunted by Donna Karan where I became her Design Director for Men’s Sweaters. When I had experienced that amazing world, I moved back to London and freelanced for several international companies and advised a wonderful knitting company, Fornton,  in China.

I then moved on to Italy for some new stimuli – I had those in abundance – some I could have lived without !!   I did however have one good idea when I thought to start a bed and breakfast which I also ran as a creative centre in Spoleto, Umbria. There I had wonderful jazz piano recitals, classical string quartet concerts as well as two thrilling classical Spanish guitar presentations. I also ran some arts related courses and hope to do the same here in Leith.

I am also hoping to start smallish celebratory events (birthdays or anniversaries )  which can be organised by request. As well, I can have a qualified chef give cooking lessons to order.