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inside the arthouse

I am trying to bring some aesthetic enjoyment to my Arthouse in Leith. I have a baby grand piano which has already entertained the groups of people who came to my previous two exhibitions of painting, sculpture, tapestry and glass works. What fun they were ! i am in discussions these days with Edinburgh Fringe to consider having some small events in the Arthouse in August 2012. I hope this will bring some pleasure for my guests and friends.  I was fortunate to have the generous support of one of Scotland’s great export companies – Bowmore Whisky Distilleries and their refined nectar – Auchentoshan !!  I hope THAT generous and delicious support will continue !!!

To add to happenings and excitments in my place, I am in discussions with an internationally trained chef who runs a catering company here. I am hoping to be able – with his co-operation – to allow my space to be used for celebrations and also he can give cookery lessons if someone makes such a request. As in Italy, I would turn those lessons into a wonderful evening banqueting experience. I am willing to be chief taster, imbiber and cheer leader !!  I welcome all enquiries and requests.

I think you will enjoy looking at the art objects and quirky items I have acquired in my world travels and similarly enjoy listening to my CDs which encompass the Classics, Jazz and Folk. Sorry I have not too much Pop !! It can all be heard on my wonderful Lynn player and speakers.